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MEE CO2 Recovery System
Product Brochure
Product Brochure
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MEE CO2 Recovery System

Carbon di-oxide gas is generated in a brewery during fermentation of wort. The CO2 so generated is adequate to cater for requirements of CO2 in a brewery. In order to be self sufficient on CO2 supply a brewery shall have a Most Energy Efficient (MEE) CO2 Recovery Plant by Hypro  that comes with an indigenously developed technology and constant upgradation of features plant after plant. Special focus on energy saving has already lead to innovative solutions by Hypro. Apart from technology, we engineer the plant very well for ease of operation and minimum maintenance to our customers.



Product Description

Hypro CO2 Recovery Plants including piping are necessarily produced with St Steel as material of construction. The exception being liquid CO2 storage tank which is made in low-temperature carbon steel. This provides the plant a long life and often eliminates rust and impurities from the corrosion of carbon steel piping. The absorbers, scrubbers, strippers, distillation columns are provided with high-efficiency structured packing as a standard.


  • Guaranteed output quality of CO2 - 99.998 % v/v
  • Capacity 30 to 800 Kg/hr and above, Maximum capacity 1000kg/hr
  • During Liquefaction volume reduction is @ 530 w.r.t NTP conditions and 300 times w.r.t A.T.P conditions
  • Gas washer separates more than 99.5 % water soluble impurities
  • Special structured packing in St St 304L material
  • Odour treatment of CO2 to produce Food Grade CO2
  • Adsorption cycle is based on operating hours and not clock hours
  • CO2 Condenser with an arrangement to vent the non condensable time to time
  • CO2 Gas Compressor with special material for moist CO2 application


CO2 Recovery Plant collects CO2 gas from the fermentation process. CO2 then passes through a series of purification processes and stored in a gas balloon. Gas washer removes the water solubles which is followed by deodorizing process CO2 Gas Compression. Further volume reduction is done in the liquefaction and stored in the CO2 Storage tanks.


  • Trouble free operation
  • Lower maintenance
  • Attractive payback period on capital expenditure and is benefited in longer term with lowest operating cost
  • Expansion is possible by additional equipment
  • Collection systems are sized for ultra low pressure drops thereby reducing energy requirements

Product Range

  • CO2 Recovery Plants for Brewery, Distillery & Winery
  • CO2 Revert Recovery System
  • Lean CO2 Gas Recovery System (95% CO2)

Often Combined with

A few bottles of imported lager might add up to a tonne of CO2 per year – equivalent to around 50,000 cups of black tea. Hypro offers a sustainable solution for your brewery. We have successfully commissioned industrial brewhouse along with MEE CO2 Recovery Plant in order to make the breweries self-reliant on CO2 supply, all the while contribute to the greener earth.

Industrial Brewery
Industrial Brewery
MEE CO2 Recovery Plant
MEE CO2 Recovery Plant
MEE CO2 Recovery System


Latest Innovation in CO2 Recovery

Our yet another innovation, CO2 Recovery System for Super Critical Process, is all set to rule the industry.  Our Founder and MD, Mr. Ravi Varma himself conceptualized the whole idea. Hypro Engineers indigenously worked on the design, development and manufacturing of the plant. Installation and commissioning of this extraordinary system of 700 kg/hr capacity to Yakima Chief Hops (YCH), United States is carried out successfully.

CO2 Recovery for Hops Extraction

This plant is different from regular CO2 Recovery from Brewery. It is based on feed from a Hops Drying Unit. The system collects CO2 and recycles it back to the super critical Hops Extraction. The challenge for recovery is that the large quantity of CO2 1500 to 1700 lb per batch at high pressure is released within 20 minutes.  The system first collects more than 80 to 90 % of the released CO2. The CO2 purity achieved by the process is in excess of 99.997 % v/v.

Know More
Know More
MEE CO₂ Recovery System

Product FAQs

CO2 is required for the carbonation of the beer which is an essential step in beer brewing as it forms the beer bubbles.

Ideal way to achieve pure CO2 is to utilize carbon dioxide from your own source. CO2 is produced during fermentation in beer making. Why not recover the CO2 from own brewery which guarantees perfect quality control - a benefit that no other source can offer.

Continuously changing climate conditions have a potential demand to alter traditional brewing practices that have been passed down to generations. CO2 Recovery is a necessary practice that should be implemented by not only Industrial breweries but also Microbreweries in order to reduce carbon emissions and thereby save mother earth.

Recommended CO2 pressure range is between 7 to 38 PSI depending upon the style of the beer such as Ales, Lagers, Pilsners, and Stouts, etc. An inaccurate pressure may result in under or over carbonation. This may have adverse effects like flat or overly foamy beer.

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