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Industrial Fermenters
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Hypro designs and manufactures up to 5000HL Unitanks/Fermentation Tanks in one piece in the factory.  We also offer on site solution where road transport is a limitation. In such case, tank components are assembled on site. Prefabricated surfaced finished top dished ends, bottom cone, shell material is sent to site. Extended 5 years manufacturer guarantee speaks of reliability and peace of mind for our customers. Hypro has qualified and experienced team to handle jobs of this nature. The automation system is well thought and selected right from sensors, controllers and final control elements.



Product Description

Hypro offers Industrial Unitanks that enables full control over the entire fermentation process. When you require a single vessel for intensive fermentation and secondary fermentation processes and want to save time, Hypro is the brand for you. To ensure constant surface finish all over, Hypro has automatic polishing machines for the internal and external surface which can handle shells, formed dished ends, conical ends. NDT’s, WPS, PQR pressure tests are regular for all the vessels and traceability is assured with vigilance from the QC department. Our fermentation tanks are known for their high microbiological purity.


  • Capacity from 50 L to 5000 HL
  • Designed as per ASME Sec VIII Div 1 & latest hygiene standard
  • Raw Material SS304L-European mills
  • Complete cellar systems with flow plates
  • Cooling rates-suit cooling cycles 24-48hrs
  • Glycol circulation jackets designed for positive glycol circulation and low pressure drop
  • Machine grinded surface 0.8-0.4Ra
  • TTP-safety fittings & tank cleaning m/c imported from Europe
  • Cellar Process & Utility Piping meeting hygienic standards making operations and CIP easier for the brewery over the years
  • Platforms & Walkways which can be easily bolted on site and no welding is necessary for assembly
  • Tanks with welded cladding for bottom cone and top dish which serves for longer life of insulation and better aesthetics
  • Manholes and Top Plates for easy handling during production, also facilitates ease of cleaning to maintain good surface year after year
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Fermentation is the key aspect of the brewing process where yeast digests the glucose in the wort and converts it to alcohol and carbon dioxide. Hypro Unitanks provide ideal conditions to the yeast for fermentation and facilitates perfect insulation as well as correct cooling power per brew. Conical bottom collects the yeast at the bottom and lets you separate the sediment with zero risk of contamination or oxidation. This eliminates the need for secondary fermenters for transfer operations, thus saves time. Hypro has designed the conical bottom fermenter in such a way that only a small amount of beer comes in contact with the sediment which further reduces the contamination.


  • PLC- SCADA based automation facilitates data logging, history, recipe management and trends
  • FERMAT - Data Management Software Tool, enables you to compare trends and parameters of various fermentation batches
  • Outdoor Installation
  • Reduce operator dependability
  • Tank cleaning machine for low water consumption and high efficiency of cleaning

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  • Provides Ideal condition for fermentation
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Often Combined with

When Hypro was first approached by ICC Group, it took nearly a year to come out with a design that would work for the process conditions at YCH and yet be simple, reliable and sustainable.

Post in depth study and several interactions including visit from Hypro to overview the operating conditions we came up with a design which is pit to test and are confident it will deliver. We have already started collecting CO2 and recycling it back to the process of Hops Extraction.

Product FAQs

This is an easy process. DO NOT use acid first. To remove any chemicals or welding lubricants from your new tank, you must first run a cleaning cycle with a caustic solution. We recommend running two separate cycles for absolute cleaning. Do not use an acid first, as a white residue will form. You must always clean your tank after receiving it from the factory.

The Unitanks do not have a spray ball included. The Unitanks come equipped with a 3" TC Accessory port in which you could place a 3" Spray Ball.

No, Unitanks do not have internal volumetric markings.

Although Unitank has the capability to serve beer directly, it is recommended that you transfer the beer to a dedicated serving vessel like a Brite Beer Tank or Keg to avoid the inadvertent contamination of fermentation by-product in the finished brew.

We test all our tanks for optimum quality before placing our 5 year warranty on them. This covers any issues with the tanks function that would be considered a factory error. We also replace broken or faulty parts should this occur in the 5 year warranty period. We require photos of the damaged part(s) before helping with warranty related issues. If we determine it is an operator error we will not cover replacements or fixes. The warranty becomes absolutely void if you make any alterations or fabrications to the tank after purchase. We do not guarantee other peoples handy work.

Product Brochure
Product Brochure
Product Gallery
Product Gallery
Project Completion
Project Completion
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