On January 25, 1999, Hypro embarked on an incredible journey that has now reached a significant milestone – our Silver Jubilee. Throughout the years, Hypro has solidified its standing in the industry, embodying a customer-first approach, and delivering innovative, sustainable solutions.
Our 25th-anniversary celebration is more than just an event; it stands as a testament to the enduring relationships cultivated with our esteemed customers, business partners, and vendors. We extend heartfelt gratitude to each individual who has contributed to Hypro’s transformative journey. Your association is the cornerstone of our success.

Let’s delve into the captivating moments of this grand event, reflecting on a quarter-century of growth, collaboration, and shared accomplishments. Thank you for being an integral part of the Hypro family.

Divine beginings with

Ganesh Poojan

& Event setup at glance

The event commenced with an auspicious start, marked by a Pooja dedicated to Lord Ganesh. His blessings have been a constant source of guidance, removing obstacles from our path and propelling Hypro to new heights. In the images above, you can observe the esteemed presence of R.N. Varma, whose wisdom has served as a guiding light throughout our journey, shaping the course of our success over the years. In a poignant moment captured, Himanshu Varma pays his respects to Lord Ganesh by touching his feet while simultaneously seizing an endearing snapshot with his grandpa.


Our Director, Ashwini Patil, played a pivotal role in orchestrating the remarkable success of this event. Here, she is captured seeking blessings from Lord Dattatreya, symbolizing our commitment to divine guidance and shared prosperity. Aishwarya Varma, also a Director, was joined by her husband in receiving blessings, adding a touch of familial warmth to the auspicious occasion.


Capturing Moments

Guests arriving and warmly welcomed

by MD Ravi Varma

Gratitude flows as we welcome guests from around the globe, traversing seven oceans to be a part of this special occasion. Your presence enriched the celebration, and we sincerely appreciate the love and support you’ve showered upon Hypro. Our Managing Director, Ravi Varma, extends a warm welcome to each guest, personally receiving greetings and creating lasting memories at this global gathering.


Gleaming Quarter Century

Unveiling Hypro's Jubilee Placard

& Lamp Lightning

The event took off with a click as Director Ashwini Patil, joined by special guests, ceremoniously lit the lamp. Following this, MD Ravi Varma unveiled our jubilee placard, officially marking the start of our celebration, accompanied by a spectacular display of firecrackers.

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Uncover the essence of Hypro through our Director’s insights and a captivating video, encapsulating 25 years of our remarkable journey.

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MD’s inspiring anniversary address and unveiling of HyDHC, our innovative energy-saving solution!

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A teaser unveiling the captivating highlights of our unforgettable silver jubilee event with Hypro tune!


Royal Tribute to

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

Poojan & Performance

In a majestic tribute to Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the event unfolded with a sacred poojan ceremony, followed by a captivating performance that captured the essence of his royal legacy. The performance artfully depicted a pivotal moment in Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s life, transporting the audience to an era of valor and leadership. Through mesmerizing choreography and evocative storytelling, the tribute unfolded as a vivid celebration of the legendary ruler’s indomitable spirit.



by Mr. Amit

Mr. Amit’s captivating performance mesmerized the audience, leaving them spellbound with his exceptional skills. Through a mesmerizing display of talent and artistry, he showcased a unique blend of entertainment that enthralled spectators of all ages. He left a lasting impression, adding an unforgettable highlight to the event.


Honoring Contributors with

Commemorative Gifts

by MD Ravi Varma

At our milestone celebration, we took a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude to the individuals who have been instrumental in our success. Honoring contributors with commemorative gifts was a gesture to recognize their unwavering dedication and invaluable contributions. These tokens of appreciation symbolize the lasting impact each person has made on our journey, and we extend our sincere thanks for being an integral part of our achievements.


Sweet Celebrations

The Grand

Cake Cutting Ceremany​

At the heart of our joyous anniversary celebration was the highly anticipated Grand Cake Cutting Ceremony, a symbolic moment that epitomized the sweetness of our shared journey. Gathered together in the spirit of unity and accomplishment, we embarked on a delightful ritual, cutting into a magnificent cake adorned with the essence of our 25-year milestone. The shared joy and laughter during this ceremony echoed the warmth of our Hypro family, making it a truly unforgettable highlight of our anniversary festivities.


Floral Gestures​

Guests Extending

Bouquets to MD

As a symbol of appreciation and respect, guests extended heartfelt floral gestures by presenting bouquets to our esteemed Managing Director, Ravi Varma. Each bouquet, a visual expression of gratitude, added a touch of elegance to the event. These floral tributes not only adorned the occasion but also reflected the blossoming relationships between Hypro and its valued guests.


Beats & Bites

DJ Night with Craft Beers

An electrifying ambiance filled the air as we celebrated our 25th-anniversary event. The rhythmic beats of the DJ set the perfect tone for the night, creating a dynamic and lively atmosphere. Guests enjoyed a delightful fusion of music and flavors, accompanied by a selection of meticulously crafted beers. The event was a harmonious blend of entertainment and culinary delights, making it a memorable night of celebration.


As the curtains draw to a close...

the echoes of our 25th-anniversary celebration at Hypro linger like a captivating encore. With gratitude as our guiding star, we applaud every contributor who added their brushstroke to the vibrant canvas of our success story. As we dim the lights on this remarkable chapter, our gaze is fixed on the horizon of the future. With optimism in our hearts and the spirit of innovation as our compass, we set sail toward new heights of growth and prosperity


May the applause of our past be a prelude to the standing ovations yet to come on our enduring journey at Hypro!!