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Hypro Engineers Pvt Ltd is an authorized dealer for Keofitt sampling systems in India!

Keofitt A/S is a Danish company established in 1980 by master brewer Kai Ottung. Kai Ottung worked as a master brewer around the world and assisted many breweries in developing their techniques.

In the process, he also developed a unique product range for sterile sampling for the medical, the soft drink, and the food industries as well as, of course, for his colleagues in the breweries around the globe. Keofitt A/S – the world leader in sterile sampling. Today, Keofitt A/S is owned by its general manager Henrik Lysgaard Salomon.

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Keofitt offers various ranges for sampling and effective collection of the samples for testing.
  • Keofitt a/s is the only specialized company in sterilizable sampling valves in the world – nobody has as much experience as we do.
  • Keofitt a/s doesn’t offer simple sampling cocks – simply because no sampling point deserves them
  • Keofitt a/s is independent without interests in the process equipment industry
  • All standard products are available from stock for immediate delivery
  • Keofitt a/s has an unparalleled portfolio of satisfied market leader customers
  • Constant product development in close co-operation with our customers

More than 150.000 valves sold since 1980 speak for themselves!

  • Keofitt® is the original in its field
  • Patented valve and membrane design
  • The largest and deepest product range
  • One universal and proven design regardless of application
  • Different sizes for different viscosities
  • Interchangeable valve heads and bodies allow for an easy and inexpensive upgrade of manual sampling points to automatic
  • Largest range of accessories and systems
  • Largest range of accessories and systems
  • Choice of membrane materials include approved silicone, EPDM and PTFE
  • The co-axial design ensures proper sterilization and sanitation of valve seat area
  • Electron Beam Welding eliminates crevices and cracks
  • 3A-authorized
  • EHEDG test report for steam sterilization and CIP
  • 3.1 b material certificate with every valve
  • Low maintenance costs
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Area of Application

A sampling specialist for a wide range of industries


The KEOFITT® sampling product range is designed to cover the most common needs for the hygienic sampling of liquids in most industries. Most products are industrially universal and available in different combinations to fit your exact needs in terms of both sizes, installation method, operation method, and connections for steam and CIP lines as well as sample bottles, etc.

Keofitt aseptic sampling systems are used in a range of applications such as breweries, dairies, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries, with a wide range of products such as Water, Milk, Medical solutions, Filtered beer, Perfume, Olive oil, Fermented products, Fruit juice.