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Hypro is a lead supplier of CO2 recovery plants in India with a market share of over 85 % in CO2 Recovery from Breweries. Hypro CO2 manufacturing plants have been serving its clients satisfactorily from almost many years. At Hypro, quality comes first. Therefore, being a quality conscious company, we aim to provide superior products to our customers and deliver safe and efficient CO2 Recovery System.

High-quality equipment, reliable plant, consistent high-quality output CO2 are prime features of Hypro CO2 plants. We just don’t sell a CO2 plant but we evaluate the feasibility and we provide top-notch after sale service backup. Our sound infrastructure and experience have assisted us to earn an increasing network of appreciative customers all over the globe. In addition, our technological awareness, elevated standards, virtuous business policies, etc. have helped us maintain the belief and esteem of our customers.

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Hypro CO2 plants come with an indigenously developed technology and constant upgradation of features plant after plant. Special focus on energy saving has already lead to innovative solutions by Hypro. We at Hypro believe that constant improvisation and technology upgradation is the key to success. We perform regular quality checks in order to maintain the quality levels of our CO2 Recovery System. All our products are duly tested by our team of committed professionals and experts under strict vigilance. Rigorous quality operations are done to meet all the safety standards of CO2 Manufacturing Plant.

Hypro’s reliable and proven technology for CO2 recovery and purification results in a reliable MEE CO2 Recovery plant with guaranteed output quality of CO2 99.998 % v/v, where the MEE stands for Most Energy Efficient CO2 Recovery plant.

CO₂ Recovery System
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For the CO2 plant, most of the equipments are made of stainless steel with just the exception of the CO2 Liquid Tank which is made up of Low-Temperature carbon steel. Even the piping of the CO2 plant is also Of stainless piping thus eliminating the risk of rusting from carbon steel and providing the plant a long durable life.

Furnished with the latest advanced designs our products help you yield high efficiency at negligible maintenance cost. Lastly, our products comply with international standards at the most reasonable pricing. Our team of professionals applies peculiar measurements at each level of productivity to guarantee the quality of all the products we manufacture for CO2 Recovery System.

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