Product Showcase Hypro

Product Showcase

Hypro provides a wide range of products ranging from Industrial Brewery, CORecovery, Energy Recovery, Water Degassing to Beverage Industries. It is a one-stop solution for all of your hygienic process needs. Hypro is a proud India-based manufacturer that produces high-quality equipments and plants of global standards finding acceptance from global customers.

Brewery Solutions

Industrial Brewery

Large Brewery setup Hypro

Hypro is Brewery Equipment Manufacturers that recognize the specific needs of the Industrial brewery segment in the brewing industry. We are a turnkey Brewery Equipment Suppliers. Don’t you agree that your beer deserves the best tanks and need to be treated with the utmost care? Good beer needs an ideal condition when fermenting and for storage.

Craft Brewery

Mini Industrial Brewery Hypro

Now Craft Brew with your own recipe and produce fine beers with Hypro Mini Industrial/Craft Brewery. Hypro offers a complete solution for Craft Brewing with its technology & Process Plant “Made In India”.

Micro/Pub Brewery

Microbrewery Equipment Supplier in India

Brewers in order to establish a professional business in this segment need to choose the right Microbrewery Equipment to be able to brew great beer. Hypro is the leading Microbrewery Equipment Manufacturer offering complete Microbrewery solutions right from raw material processing to product beer including ancillaries. 

Hypro HyMiTM

Hypro Small Brewery - HyMi

Hypro brings you a smart solution for research purposes. Once the system is connected with electrical power and water, the HyMiTM system is ready for recipe experimentation and also production at a smaller scale.

CO2 Recovery Solutions

Hypro MEE CO2 Recovery

CO2 Recovery System
Hypro is a lead supplier of CO2 Recovery Plants in India with a market share of over 85 % in CO2 Recovery from Breweries. Hypro’s CO2 Manufacturing Plants has been serving its clients satisfactorily for more than 2 decades. We offer CO2 solutions for brewery, chemical, petrochemical, cement, oil and gas, food & beverage and many such industries

Hypro HyCrCTM

Hypro HyCrC - CO2 Recovery Plant
Hypro HyCrCTM Plants would make your job simpler and you are sure you get only pure CO2, the source being fermentation of your own craft beers. Hypro brings you a smart & compact solution in HyCrCTM Plants based on your requirements.

Supercritical CO2 Recovery

Supercritical CO2 Recovery - Hops Extraction

Hypro has developed unique technology and method of CO2 collection and further purification for Super Critical Hops Extraction Process. The recovery process post purification is a standard system and derives from our experience in CO2 recovery for breweries.

Water Degassing &
Energy Saving Solutions (EnSa)

Deaerated Water Plant

Water Degassing Hypro

A deaerated water plant is used to reduce the oxygen content in the feed water, which is then supplied to the brewhouse. As air /oxygen is the enemy of Beer. Deaerated water has high importance in Beer tanks & beer supply lines.

Smart Wort Cooler

Smart Wort Cooling Systems

Wort produced in the brewhouse is fermented to beer. A number of options and methods are available for cooling wort. Ask us for details on Smart Wort Cooling Systems to save power in your brewery.


Liquid CO2 Evaporator

CO2 Evaporator Hypro

Hypro introduced energy-saving & energy recovery CO2 evaporators in the year 2000.  Install Hypro CO2 Evaporators and you will not just start saving energy but you will also start recovering energy.

Cryogenic Tanks & Liquid Processing

Cryogenic Tanks

At the core of our expertise lies the pivotal role of cryogenic tanks, safeguarding the liquid states of CO2, N2, O2, Ar and LNG across diverse industries. Discover how Hypro’s ability to tailor cryogenic tanks to varying capacities aligns seamlessly with your unique requirements.

Liquid Processing System

Liquid Processing - Citrus

All equipments are finished internally and externally on automatic surface finishing machines which provide a consistent high-quality internal surface suitable for sterile applications.

Keofitt Sampling System

Hypro Engineers Pvt Ltd is an authorized dealer for Keofitt sampling systems in India. Keofitt A/S – the world leader in sterile sampling with a unique product range for sterile sampling for the medical, the soft drink, the food industries as well as breweries.


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