Additive Dosing System

an industrial brewery equipment

Dosing generally applies to feeding therapeutic agents in small quantities into a process fluid at intervals or to the atmosphere at intervals to give sufficient time for the chemical reaction or show the results. Agent or factor that, when combined with other agents & factors, adds to their cumulative effect or strength usually by a known degree or extent. A food additive, for example, is added to enhance the flavor, improve the appearance, extend the shelf life, or fortify the nutritional value of a food.

Hypro provides a mobile/fixed Chemical dosing system. The system includes a tank with an agitator and essential accessories like piping valves, spray ball, agitator, pump, motor, and electrical panel. The system can be towed near the piping/vessel, which is intended to be dosed with chemicals.

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The system is designed for accurate control of blending of Beer & Sugar Syrup in the 1st step and blending of Beer & Flavor in the 2nd step. The system provides the tightest possible control over the parameters. The system is PLC operated & can be operated in either automatic or manual mode, depending on the various uses and fault scenarios. The system is PLC operated & can be operated in either automatic or manual mode, depending on the various uses and fault scenarios. Plant to produce flavored beer @ 750 HL Batch Volume

Initially in Sugar Dosing System, the beer and sugar solution are mixed together when passed through an in-line static mixture to achieve a homogeneous liquid. The beer flow controls the flow of the sugar solution through the Sugar Syrup pump which is provided with the VFD. This blended beer after passing through the filtration comes to the Flavor dosing System where based on Beer flow the flow rate of Flavor and Citric Acid Solution is controlled and added to the beer. After the addition of Flavor & Citric, the beer is passed through the PHE and beer filter which is then sent to BBT (Bright Beer Tank).

  • Sugar solution shall be prepared with the required quantity and Brix.
  • The solution will then be cooled to the required temperature before dosing.
  • While Young Beer transfer from one Unitank to another Unitank takes place, this sugar solution will be mixed with the beer in line.
  • This basic beer then shall be filtered in the existing setup and then the two flavor compounds shall be dosed into the beer.
  • DAW shall be mixed subsequently in this beer and it will be carbonated online in the existing setup.
  • This flavored beer will then be taken to BBT.
  • The flavored beer will then be transferred to BBT through a beer chiller and a sheet Filter.
Flavor Dosing System