Mash Kettle

an industrial brewery equipment


  • Kettle designed for heating rates from 1.2 to 1.5 Deg C/minute.
  • Heating and rest in accordance with mashing with the time-temperature profile.
  • Total mash volume agitation in a dynamic manner enough to move the entire mass But gentle enough to protect the husk and avoid shear force damage during agitation.
  • Kettle with automated water mixing station for achieving the desired water temperature during mashing in.
  • System designed for low mash velocity during transfer and using LR bends in piping.
  • Heating jackets in a proven design for long life leakage free
  • Effective Condensate removal system with Auto pumping trap system to factor in condensate removal under varying steam pressure conditions.
  • Kettle design and manufacture in accordance with hygienic requirements and to facilitate ease of cleaning during CIP.
  • Machine polished shell cladding and top cones for super aesthetics.
  • The option of leg supported / slab supported design free standing with agitator.