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Smart Wort Cooling Systems
The wort produced in the brewhouse is fermented to beer. Prior to fermenting the wort needs to be cooled from @ 97 Deg C to @ 9 to 14 Deg C depending upon the fermentation temperature selected by the brewer. A number of options and methods are available for cooling wort. Ask us for details on Smart Wort Cooling Systems to save power in your Brewery.

CO2 Evaporation with Energy Saving and Energy Recovery
Traditionally liquid CO2 is evaporated using either steam or natural air or forced air draft or cooling tower water. However, this way of evaporating CO2 has begun to change ever since Hypro introduced energy saving & energy recovery CO2 evaporators since the year 2000. Several Breweries have benefitted with the system installed by Hypro and are reaping benefits.

If in your Brewery, CO2 is still being evaporated using steam or air or cooling water, the news is that energy is being lost. However, the good news is that if you install Hypro CO2 Evaporators you will not just start saving energy but you will also start recovering energy.

how does a energy recovery unit work
Energy Recovery

Each step of the brewing process has many options. Hence, our vessels are designed with versatility, allowing all the brewery functions to be combined in fewer vessels for the economy, or separated into several vessels for increased capacity.

Our products aid in the preparation of the finest and superior quality brew. The pressurized tanks and storage tanks come with high-grade surface finishes and weld seams, backed by an efficient cooling concept so that the beer ferments and matures in peace.

Hypro Beer Storage Tank and Hypro Fermentation Tanks provide exactly those assured conditions. They are tailored to the diversity of types and the specific system of fermentation parameter control operated by your brewery.

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