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Smart Wort Cooler

One of the innovative offerings from Hypro is “Hypro Smart Wort Cooling System” This wort cooling scheme has replaced more than ten traditional wort coolers in India and the numbers are growing. This result in huge potential energy savings compares to traditional wort coolers and has been a proven product.  The smart wort coolers are not only saving water for the breweries but also saving electrical energy spent in the refrigeration plant.



Product Description

After evaluating wort cooling methodologies, refrigeration requirements and most importantly the power units consumed for wort cooling, we are focusing on:

  • Lowest volume of water required for wort cooling
  • Lowest energy requirement to prepare water for wort cooling
  • Generating appropriate amount of hot water to be used for mashing, sparging, chasing and CIP
This way, Breweries can reduce energy requirements and the carbon emission reduced will contribute to Greener Earth.


  • Chills down Wort to @ 9 Deg C (@40% of total Load)
  • Removes exothermic heat of fermentation
  • Maintains Wort temp. @ 11 to 15 Deg C (@ 30% of total Load)
  • Cools down green beer from @ 15 to 4 Deg C
  • Energy recovery from Wort for Wort Preheating (Other than Wort boil vapor energy recovery)


With our intelligent and innovative ideas we just don’t cool the wort but also partially preheat the wort which in turn saves steam energy. Newton’s law of energy is the driving force and we are merely channelizing the energy into meaningful savings. The wort cooling parameters on water side are totally redefined and result in energy savings to the tune of 10-22% as compared to the conventional systems.


  • Power savings : 10 to 22% compared to conventional schemes
  • Reduced Energy Requirements = Reduced Carbon Emissions
  • Savings in steam energy in Brew House 1.9 kg steam per HL of Wort

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Product FAQs

Hypro’s Smart Wort Cooler with innovative technology, cools down the wort in less than an hour.

Generally it is 10-15 days but it usually depends on the location to be delivered and the customization required from the customers end.

It depends on the type of beer you are brewing. For Ale the ideal wort temperature is between 68–72° F (20–22° C) whereas for Lager it is 45–57° F (7–14° C).

The wort temperature has a direct impact on the yeast health i.e. its survival and performance. Moreover, quickly reducing the wort temperature slows down the growth of some contaminants that could produce off flavours.

Product Brochure
Product Brochure
Product Gallery
Product Gallery
Project Completion
Project Completion
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