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Independently owned Microbrewery/Brew pubs/Craft Brewery is an ancient activity that is becoming more popular as a passion worldwide. Microbrewery Equipment plays an essential role and must function flawlessly as it is a canvas in which brewers paint their masterpiece. Brewers in order to establish a professional business in this segment need to choose the right Microbrewery Equipment to be able to brew great beer. Hypro is the leading Microbrewery Equipment Manufacturer offering complete Microbrewery solutions right from raw material processing to product beer including ancillaries. Hypro offers systems together with utilities like steam boiler, refrigeration, compressed air, and water treatment. With “Hypro” reliability you will get a system you can depend on. For your requirements, our team shall be more than glad to craft a perfect Brew.

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Brew iT software

Hypro manufactures a premium range of modern Microbrewery Plants which are a step ahead in technology, craftsmanship, and superior finish. The system apart from the Unitanks and Brewhouse also includes Apple Cider Plants, complete Packaging, Kegging, and Canning. SCADA based system operated on software Brew iT is specially designed by Hypro for the Brewpubs which controls process parameters during brewing. It also ensures consistency in brew batch after batch.

The Brew Water Station is complete with dedicated Ambient, Ice & hot brew water tanks with pumps for every tank to make the system simpler to operate. Unitanks are carefully designed to process and hygienic requirements. The sampling is always done using Keofitt Membrane Sampling Valves which are directly welded to the vessel shell and need no drain out of beer for sampling. With our systems the CIP of the tank and associated piping is easy and the operator doesn’t have to make efforts cleaning dead legs.

  • Capacity 3HL, 5HL & 10HL/Brew
  • Mashing in time, mash heating up rates, controlled agitation
  • Speed control of agitation for all rotation
  • Vessels built with fine quality of Stainless Steel 304L material
  • Time-temperature profile maintained as per selection
  • Vessels come with in situ PUF insulation
  • Brew iT software developed by Hypro for the brewing ease
  • Semi-automatic system

Mashing in time, mash heating up rates, controlled agitation during mashing is prime to any brewer and we have made sure the brewer gets what he expects from the mash kettle.

When it comes to lautering the wort, Hypro has been a step ahead to include superior rake systems which help the brewer to cut the grains and that too with a possibility to vary the height of deep cutting the grain bed. The rakes can move up and down so that deep cuts which normally disturb the clarity are only used when the beds are choked and not during the normal process. The ultra-low speeds during normal bed cutting serve to receive wort at desired speeds without affecting the wort clarity.

Wort boiled using steam produce excellent wort with good flavor characteristics and result in a fine hot break. Whirlpools come with a variable velocity which is adjusted and fine-tuned which results in a good hot break for various beer brands. Wort cooling is based on energy-saving principles derived from its industrial Smart Wort Cooling Systems. A venturi-type Wort Aerator completes the Brewing part and offers the brewer fine wort for fermentation.

  • Process operations are simplified with a touch of command
  • Reduce operator dependability
  • Wort boiling is done using steam rather than electricity
  • PLC-based process control in auto mode
  • Process transfer in manual mode

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  • Capacity 3HL, 5HL & 10HL/Brew
  • Ideal for mid-scale production
  • Used by Brewpubs, Restaurants, Hotels, etc, who produce their own beer for their customers
50 Litr HyMi Brewery

Hypro HyMiTM Brewing System

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  • Ideal for small scale production
  • Used for new recipe experimentations
  • Ideal for experimenting with a variety of production processes
  • Used by universities and training academy for research-oriented brewing operations
Mini Industrial Brewery Hypro

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Frequently Asked Questions.

The cost of equipment depends upon the sales beer capacity per month you are planning to produce. Accordingly the equipment will be designed and the cost will be incurred. Please refer our summary proposal for 3 HL, 5 HL and 10 HL microbreweries for the same. For summary proposal, please drop an enquiry on our page. Corelate the information with monthly beer sales.

The space required for the equipment depends upon the capacity of the equipment you are planning to install, which depends upon the sales beer capacity in turn. Please refer our summary proposal for 3 HL, 5 HL and 10 HL microbreweries for the same. For summary proposal, please drop an enquiry on our page. In general it varies between 600 to 2000 ft2 for equipment

This varies from state to state and you shall contact the state excise department for the same.

No, we don’t provide license for the brewery equipment.

Varies from state to state. Contact excise department in your state.

Depends upon the investment you have made on real estate/ rentals of the space. In general you can expect between 3 to 5 years for pay back, provided you meet your Sales Target and buyers in your area are willing to pay price premium for crafted beers.

Industrial breweries cost is approximately 19 to 23 INR/bottle and for craft breweries this cost is between 50 to 75 INR/litre and there are many variables on this.

We can supply them as turnkey basis or provide engineering consultation for sourcing and integration.

Shelf life of beer is 6 months in bottles, 30 to 90 days in kegs provided they are stored at 0 Deg C.

Yes, we brew initial batch with your brewer and train him at the same time.

We can connect you to brewmasters and you can directly consult them.

Often Combined with

Hypro is also probably the only Micro Brewery supplier in India who has supplied the system not only in India but abroad too. One of the most coveted projects for us is the 20 HL Microbrewery Project that we have supplied to the NAMGAY HERITAGE HOTEL, BHUTAN. This is also perhaps the first Micro Brewery in the world to have a Hypro HyCrCTM Plant (8 kg/hr) which is also manufactured and supplied by Hypro. Microbrewery, along with Bright Beer Tanks and Hypro HyCrCTM Plant, makes it a complete brewing solution.

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