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Hypro is there to guide you through brewery planning, installation, commissioning, and not to forget after-sales services. Hypro offers Brewery Plants on a Turnkey basis right from Malt Reception to Bright Beer & CORecovery Plant. With its Multi Evaporation Split Refrigeration System, the Brewery is already oriented towards energy saving. We are the Brewery Equipment Supplier that brings to you the technology and equipment that offer start to end solutions to clients. Our services include manufacturing a wide range of brewing equipment like Industrial Brewhouse, Fermentation Tanks, Beer Storage Tank, CIP Plant, Yeast Plant, Brewing Vessels, Additive Dosing System along with DAW Plant that guarantees the high efficiency and consistent quality brew.

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Hypro offers Brewery Plants on a Turnkey basis right from Malt Reception to Bright Beer & CORecovery Plant. With its Multi Evap Split Refrigeration system, the Brewery is already oriented towards energy saving. Hypro integrates Boiler, Water Treatment, Compressed Air, Effluent Treatment & Electricals with the Process Plant. With strong references and rich experience of having worked with Global Beer brands, Hypro offers plants and systems which can satisfy the needs of International Brewers. Innovative products like Smart Wort Cooling Systems add value to Hypro plants and benefit the end customer to save power.

  • Capacity 100 HL and above
  • Brew iT software developed by Hypro for brewing ease
  • Designed as per ASME Sec VIII Div 1, DIN 8777 & latest hygiene standard
  • Raw Material SS 304L – European mills
  • High-grade surface finishes and weld seams

Each step of the brewing process has many options. Hence, our vessels are designed with versatility, allowing all the brewery functions to be combined in fewer vessels for the economy, or separated into several vessels for increased capacity. Our products aid in the preparation of the finest and superior quality brew. The pressurized tanks and storage tanks come with high-grade surface finishes and weld seams, backed by an efficient cooling concept so that the beer ferments and matures in peace. Hypro Beer Storage Tank and Hypro Fermentation Tanks provide exactly those assured conditions. They are tailored to the diversity of types and the specific system of fermentation parameter control operated by your brewery.

  • PLC- SCADA based automation facilitates data logging, history, recipe management, and trends
  • Saves power when integrated with Smart Wort Cooler
  • Reduce operator dependability

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Industrial Brewery

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Frequently Asked Questions.

This is an easy process. DO NOT use acid first. To remove any chemicals or welding lubricants from your new tank, you must first run a cleaning cycle with a caustic solution. We recommend running two separate cycles for absolute cleaning. Do not use an acid first, as a white residue will form. You must always clean your tank after receiving it from the factory.

The Unitanks do not have a spray ball included. The Unitanks come equipped with a 3″ TC Accessory port in which you could place a 3″ Spray Ball.

No, Unitanks do not have internal volumetric markings.

Although Unitank has the capability to serve beer directly, it is recommended that you transfer the beer to a dedicated serving vessel like a Brite Beer Tank or Keg to avoid the inadvertent contamination of fermentation by-product in the finished brew.

We test all our tanks for optimum quality before placing our 5-year warranty on them. This covers any issues with the tank’s function that would be considered a factory error. We also replace broken or faulty parts should this occur in the 5 year warranty period. We require photos of the damaged part(s) before helping with warranty related issues. If we determine it is an operator error we will not cover replacements or fixes. The warranty becomes absolutely void if you make any alterations or fabrications to the tank after purchase. We do not guarantee other people’s handy work.

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Industrial Brewery

  • Capacity 100 HL and above
  • Ideal for large scale production
  • Used by larger breweries and brands for commercial bulk production
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Mini Industrial/Craft Brewery

  • Capacity 20HL to 100HL/Brew 
  • Ideal for small-scale industrial production
  • Used by large Restaurants, Hotels, Contract Brewery, etc,
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  • Capacity 3HL, 5HL & 10HL/Brew
  • Ideal for mid-scale production
  • Used by Brewpubs, Restaurants, Hotels, etc, who produce their own beer for their customers
50 Litr HyMi Brewery

Hypro HyMiTM Brewing System

  • Capacity 25 to 50 Litres/Brew
  • Ideal for small scale production
  • Used for new recipe experimentations
  • Ideal for experimenting with a variety of production processes
  • Used by universities and training academy for research-oriented brewing operations

Industrial Brewery - Often Combined with

Hypro is the complete brewery solution provider who offers a large industrial brewhouse along with Unitanks for fermentation, MEE CO2 Recovery System for recycling of large amount of CO2, and DAW Plant for the reduction of Oxygen in the Feed Water. Now no need to depending on conventional systems as Hypro offers a reliable and turnkey solution for all your Brewery needs.