Industrial Brewhouse

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Brew House offered from Hypro comes with the option of Semi or Fully Automatic plant. The Brew iT, a software developed by Hypro for Breweries is a platform for the Brewers to view and control their Brewing Process & Operations. Hypro offers Brew Houses to produce up to 9 Brews/day with Mash Kettle, Lauter Tun, Wort Kettle with thermosyphon wort boiling. The Brew House which is very critical and instrumental for fine beer production is designed with features loaded for the brewer who demands nothing but the best.

Industrial Brewery
  • Designed in accordance with DIN 8777
  • Mash kettle, Lauter tun, Wort Kettle with Internal or external thermosyphon, Whirlpool.
  • Wort Boiling with vapor energy recovery
  • Whirlpool with DMS stripping.
  • Automation of Brew House process operations with PC workstations and PLC-based system.
  • System to offer process parameter control during various process steps resulting in consistent wort production batch after batch
  • MIS as a standard included which offers data collection and presentation
  • Monitoring of process parameters with batch history and trend.
  • Fail safe system design with feedback signals from valves and electrics.
  • Automation software designed on a platform which is operator friendly
  • Process steps for Mashing, Lautering, Boiling, Whirling, Wort Cooling, Aeration automated based on recipe selection.
  • Sequencing of all operations in fully automatic plants.
Industrial Brewhouse

Equipment List

Spent Grain Handling
Brew Water Tanks
Metal Beer Blender