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With growing awareness & a desire to produce a variety of unique beers, craft breweries are looking for innovative methods for producing special beers. Craft Breweries are generally characterized by their emphasis on quality, flavor, and brewing technique. By producing beer on a smaller scale, brewers can pay more attention to perfect their recipes. Necessarily, you need to choose the appropriate equipment that allows you to experiment with the end number of recipes. Hypro brings you a smart solution in HyMiTM Brewing System with proven technology that you can rely on.

Highly in demand for recipe experimentation in

Commercial Breweries


Product Description

The Craft Breweries need to source malts and other grains for brewing, hops, and Yeast. Once the system is connected with electrical power and water, the HyMiTM system is ready for experimentation and also production at a smaller scale. HyMiTM Brewing System by Hypro can be used by universities for research-oriented brewing operations, for training academy in a Brewing School, Small restaurants to produce fresh crafted special beers for their customers, Craft breweries for experimenting of variety of production processes and to commercialize the batch recipes.



With Hypro HyMiTM Brewing System you have end number of possibilities to experiment with a variety of mashing cycles, infusion, decoction, single infusion, double decoction & triple decoction. You can experiment with Lautering cycles to arrive at the most optimum parameters for faster wort collection and increasing the conversion efficiency in the brewhouse. For wort boiling one can experiment with internal wort boilers, external wort boilers, pressure wort boiling, DMS Strip off columns, kettle wort boiling with jackets, and so on. Numerous possibilities with “One HyMiTM” Hypro Brewing System.



  • Capacity 25 to 50 Litres/Brew
  • Steam Based Heating
  • Brew iT software developed by Hypro for brewing ease
  • A fine quality of SS 304L material
  • Semi-automatic system



  • Compact Design
  • Ease of operation
  • User-friendly panel with data sensors/loggers
  • PLC-based process control in auto mode
  • Process transfer in manual mode

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Hypro HyMiTM Brewing System

  • Capacity 25 to 50 Litres/Brew
  • Ideal for small scale production
  • Used for new recipe experimentations
  • Ideal for experimenting with a variety of production processes
  • Used by universities and training academy for research-oriented brewing operations
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Frequently Asked Questions.

Brewing System takes 6 to 8 hours to brew a batch depending upon the complexity of the recipe. You have the possibility to experiment with a variety of process parameters.

Different styles of beer do call for different temperatures. Lager yeasts are routinely fermented between 4-13 deg C while ale fermentation temperatures range from 13-22 deg C. The optimal temperatures for fermentation vary considerably.

System by Hypro is specially designed for every craft brewery where freshly crafted beer is produced on the daily basis. You will be able to produce more than 1 barrel of beer in 2 batches through HyMi™ System.

Years before, the copper tank was used for brewing beer due to its good heat transferability, and also it was easy to fabricate. In recent years has replaced copper with stainless steel as it is easier to clean as well as to avoid corrosion. Hypro used higher specifications i.e. SS 304 L (less carbon content) which gives more durability and resistance to corrosion.

Hypro Beer

Often Combined with

Hypro HyMiTM Brewing System is ideal for recipe experimentation and monitoring other process parameters. Hence, most brands use it successfully for experimenting purposes before implementing new recipes to the actual commercial production. Therefore, we recommend it with our Industrial Brewery and Microbrewery Equipments.

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