Liquid CO2 Evaporator

an energy saving solution

Traditionally liquid CO2 is evaporated using either Steam or Natural air or Forced air draft or cooling tower water. Undoubtedly, energy is being lost in these conventional systems.  However, this way of evaporating CO2 has begun to change ever since Hypro introduced energy-saving & energy recovery CO2 evaporators in the year 2000. Several Breweries have benefitted from the system installed by “Hypro” and are reaping benefits.

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Product Description

Hypro introduces Glycol based CO2 Evaporation System which involves higher investment costs, to begin with, BUT with recovery and savings of energy the reduced power bills eventually pay off the investment very fast in 1.5 to 2 years. The introduction of media and energy tanks in addition to the conventional systems is a major takeaway of Hypro’s invention. The technique and conditions for condensing primary refrigerants and evaporation of liquid carbon dioxide are different than the conventional methods.



Vapor CO2 enters the refrigerant condenser where it is liquefied using a liquid refrigerant. The evaporated vapors of refrigerant then are led to the suction of the refrigeration compressor where they are compressed to a higher pressure. This superheated vapor refrigerant is then condensed in a refrigerant condenser. This liquid refrigerant is then expanded by pressure reduction and is led to the CO2 condenser for condensing CO2 and thereby evaporating itself. The liquid CO2 is stored in a storage tank. Media is used for evaporating liquid CO2. Energy is recovered at this point.



  • Capacity 300 to 3000 Kg/hr
  • Glycol based CO2 Evaporation
  • Reduction of compression ratio
  • Saves maximum possible energy
  • Recovers energy



  • Reduction in power consumption
  • Lower operating cost
  • 30 to 40% energy saving

Frequently Asked Questions.

As CO2 cannot exist in a liquid state at atmospheric pressure, CO2 is maintained at a reasonable and constant temperature between -57 dec C to + 31 deg C and pressure of 5.2 bar in the CO2 Cylinders.

Liquefied carbon dioxide has many applications, particularly useful in the beverage industry for carbonating beverages, such as beer and soft drinks.

Hypro provides an improved system and a process for carbon dioxide liquefaction/condensation and CO2 evaporation wherein energy is recovered to maintain the cooling media at a lower temperature.

Power required for CO2 compressors is about 0.045 kwh/kg of CO2 condensed using Hypro System. For conventional schemes, the same is about 0.08 kw. This results in about 40 % power savings as compared to a conventional CO2 liquefaction plant.

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Redefine your breweries with power-saving solutions offered by Hypro. With successful installation energy savings are proven and we will assist other breweries to cool the wort in a smart manner and realize potential savings. In this way the Breweries can reduce energy requirements and the carbon emission reduced will contribute to a greener earth!

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