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When the craft brewery industry started in India, Hypro made its first offering in 2013 in Bangalore which is now a very famous craft brewery. Ever since Hypro plants have been installed in various cities across India as well as in Bhutan. Craft breweries are expanding in India at a fast pace and there are several entrepreneurs willing to get into this sector. Brewing is a science and also an art.

Mini Industrial Brewery Hypro

Incredible brewing experience with

Brew iT software

Hypro engineers the brewing process in a manner that results into ease of operation, simplicity and most importantly the ease of access to cleaning the equipment and piping batch after batch. Every brewer wants the equipment to be designed to achieve the brewing process parameters of the brewer’s recipe and Hypro plants are just excellent at this. Another important aspect is the “CIP” Cleaning in Place of all the equipment’s and pipe lines. This is an area where plants designed by Hypro excel and it helps the brewer to maintain a clean hygienic plant and keep away possible contaminations owing to dead legs, dead pockets, and inaccessible areas for CIP. An expert in hygienic plant requirements will easily notice this aspect being taken well care of in Hypro plants.  Hypro always installed steam-heated kettles for mashing and boiling which has its own unique advantages over direct electrical heated systems.

Hypro has the technology for brewing and with its core expertise in Brewing technology and knowledge of hygienic process industry it could provide to the Industry Craft Breweries standing to global standards and important Made in India by an Indian company. The vision was clear to produce global standard Brewery Plants with a price competitive advantage. The quality & finish offered by Hypro is unmatched and this was a result of the capital investments into machinery that lead to manufacturing high quality & superior finish plants. Brewery plants from Hypro stand out on quality and is a tough competition to plants offered by European suppliers. The advantage with Hypro is being local, understanding the Indian market and at the same time in tune with the quality offered by European suppliers.

  • Capacity 20HL to 100HL/Brew 
  • Mashing in time, mash heating up rates, controlled agitation
  • Speed control of agitation for all rotation
  • Vessels built with fine quality of Stainless Steel 304L material
  • Time-temperature profile maintained as per selection
  • Vessels come with in situ PUF insulation
  • Brew iT software developed by Hypro for the brewing ease
  • Semi-automatic system
  • Process operations are simplified with a touch of command
  • Reduce operator dependability
  • Wort boiling is done using steam rather than electricity
  • PLC-based process control in auto mode
  • Process transfer in manual mode

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Compare with similar products

50 Litr HyMi Brewery

Hypro HyMiTM Brewing System

  • Capacity 25 to 50 Litres/Brew
  • Ideal for small scale production
  • Used for new recipe experimentations
  • Ideal for experimenting with a variety of production processes
  • Used by universities and training academy for research-oriented brewing operations
Microbrewery Hypro

Micro/Pub Brewery

  • Capacity 3HL, 5HL & 10HL/Brew
  • Ideal for mid-scale production
  • Used by Brewpubs, Restaurants, Hotels, etc, who produce their own beer for their customers
Mini Industrial Brewery Hypro

Mini Industrial/Craft Brewery

  • Capacity 20HL to 100HL/Brew 
  • Ideal for small-scale industrial production
  • Used by large Restaurants, Hotels, Contract Brewery, etc,
Large Brewhouse

Industrial Brewhouse

  • Capacity 100 HL and above
  • Ideal for large scale production
  • Used by larger breweries and brands for commercial bulk production

Frequently Asked Questions.

Depends upon the production capacity you are planning for, which in turn depends on the sales market scenario in the area you are looking forward to sell your product.

We exclude water treatment from our scope as it requires local support from the manufacturer of the same. However, we can do the project management and engineering for you for the same on payable basis and you can negotiate from the vendor and get it procured. We can provide an estimated cost for the same for future project planning.

There are multiple suppliers from Europe and India and there are huge price differences, We can do the project management and engineering design services for the buyer for procurement of the same on chargeable basis. We leave it to the buyer from whom he wants to procure it from after negotiation and the buyer can get the best prices. Basically we can give you references.

It depends upon what percentage of total production capacity you are planning on packaging i.e the total bottling/canning/kegging capacity.

We can provide you with refrigeration plant, smart wort cooler, CO2 recovery plant. We recommend buying water treatment plant and effluent treatment plant from a local manufacturer as specified in question 2.

Yes, you can produce variety of beers in a craft brewery. such as lager beer, stout, dark ale beer  as well as apple cider.  

Yes obviously, you can plan to expand the production capacity depending upon the brewhouse size you select considering the future expansion. We usually plan the layout and design considering the future expansion you are looking for. This makes it easier to add machineries in the future to add to the expansion of production capacity. You can contact us to find out more.

We have several brewers in touch with as we have been dealing with this industry for last 22 years, international and Indian. We can connect them to you. When it comes to research and recipe development, we have a 50 HyMiTM ltr plant, using which you can correlate with the larger brewery.

No, we don’t provide kegs. We can give a reference of vendor and you can procure it from them directly.

Often Combined with

Hypro is also probably the only Micro Brewery supplier in India who has supplied the system not only in India but abroad too. One of the most coveted projects for us is the 20 HL Microbrewery Project that we have supplied to the NAMGAY HERITAGE HOTEL, BHUTAN. This is also perhaps the first Micro Brewery in the world to have a Hypro HyCrCTM Plant (8 kg/hr) which is also manufactured and supplied by Hypro. Microbrewery, along with Bright Beer Tanks and Hypro HyCrCTM Plant, makes it complete brewing solution.