U Stamped & CE Marked Vessels

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Within the realm of U stamp & CE marked pressure vessels, Hypro’s dedication to safety goes far beyond regulatory compliance. Hypro facilitates the supply of U stamped & CE marked Pressure Vessels namely Storage Vessels, Process Vessels, Heat Exchangers, etc. Each vessel bears the mark of meticulous design, manufacturing, and inspection, ensuring that safety is not just an afterthought but an inherent attribute.

68  U stamp Vessels

ASME U stamp
2018 First Export order U stamped CO2 to USA, Hawai Honolulu, USA

The U stamp, a prestigious symbol of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), signifies that Hypro’s pressure vessels meet the highest standards of design, fabrication, and quality control. It encapsulates a legacy of excellence and serves as a testament to Hypro’s unwavering dedication to safety.

134  CE Marked Vessels

CE marking

The CE marking is a declaration that Hypro’s pressure vessels conform to the essential health, safety, and environmental protection requirements set forth by the European Union. The CE mark embodies Hypro’s tireless efforts to ensure that its pressure vessels stand as pillars of security, inspiring confidence and trust in customers across diverse industries.

CO2 Recovery, Ziemann

Every interaction with a Hypro pressure vessel becomes an affirmation of trust, an acknowledgment that safety is not just a checkbox but a profound belief woven into the very fabric of the brand. It signifies a profound understanding that safety is not confined by geographical boundaries but is a universal principle that transcends borders. Let us start planning your next project!