Bright Beer Tanks

an industrial brewery equipment

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Hypro BBT is designed in accordance with sound engineering practice and hygienic industry norms. The mechanical design of the tank is based on relevant ASME section VIII for dish shell & GEP. Where the code regulations are not precisely defined for a given situation, practical experience has been applied for. Process design (Heat transfer areas are based on a tailor-made computer-based program developed by our company & As per Hygienic Process Design & Practice.

Bright beer tanks are used in a brewery for following operations.

  • Maintain the temperature of filtered /Bright Beer to –10 C
  • Maintain CO2 counter pressure on beer in order to avoid CO2 loss
  • Transfer beer under CO2 counter pressure to bottle/can filler

Young Beer from Unitank goes for the filtration process and then is filled in the BBT batch-wise. Young beer from unitank, at –10 C, and pressure at 1.5 bar, in this case, is transferred to filter section. Before beer comes in BBT, the inside pressure of BBT is kept under working pressure e.g. at 1 bar, and when the beer starts to come in pressure gets developed and excess pressure ( excess of 1.5 bar) will be vented out from the pressure safety valve on a tank top. However, it is advisable to maintain the pressure of @ 1 bar by manually throttling the valve on the CIP-gas line connected to the CO2 vent. This Beer is maintained at the same temperature i.e. – 10C. Considering some Heat Loss BBT is given a cooling jacket with glycol circulation.
This area is provided on the conical part & bottom part of the shell. Temperature is automatically maintained in the BBT by a PC-PLC based system. The control logic has been defined in the control logic document. In order to avoid CO2 loss, CO2 counter pressure shall be maintained during beer transfer to bottle filler.

  • All piping related to glycol, dome drain, and including cable conduits are routed through the insulation.
  • The product piping is considered to be designed in accordance to rigid piping concept with flow plate.
  • Cylindrical Tanks with dish ends are complete with Shell, top dish and bottom dish.
  • Cooling jacket embossed type on shell portion.
  • Thermo-wells with shrouds 1 Numbers- For 1 Temperature Indicator on Shell.
  • Three cooling sections two zones are on shell.
  • Sample valve: – Micro-port & Membrane type Keofitt make with keyring – shrouds, drain
  • CIP supply pipe from operating level in cellar to the tank top routed through the insulation.
  • Dome drain pipe running from tank top up to the top of slab routed inside the insulate.
  • Cable conduit pipes routed inside the insulation.
  • Glycol supply and return piping from Tank to Supply headers in SS 304 & routed inside the insulation.
  • Glycol supply and return piping from main headers to Supply headers in SS 304 with PUF insulation & SS 304 cladding.
  • Lifting lugs with detachable arrangement for installing platform at site.
  • Skirt with leg supports in MS hot dip galvanized.
  • Platform in hot deep galvanized material for the Unitank complete with railings.
  • Hygienic Process piping, fittings butterfly valves where ever required in OD based SS 304 material for Wort, Beer, Yeast, CO2 & Air vent, CIP S/CIP R
  • The tank has cooling jackets on the shell portion. The temperature of the tank is indicated by temperature transmitters located at top of the shell
  • Actuated butterfly valves are fitted for a tank to control the temperature of the tank. These valves will open or close to achieve a set temperature in a profile/auto mode.
  • Manual on/off facility is also provided which can be operated from the screen.
  • In Profile/Auto mode, the Actuated Valve for Cone Jacket will function as per temperature indicated by TE (Temperature transmitter mounted in a cone).
  • This system is completely automated & operates from SCADA with defined control logic program.
  • Pressure Transmitters are provided at the top & bottom of BBT for accurate measurement of beer volume inside the vessel, through level volume program prepared & works on the pressure difference.
  • CIP Return Pump will start /stop based on steps of CIP cycle program defined for cellar CIP & line CIP of equipment.
  • Beer Transfer Pump is automated & operated from SCADA
  • Beer is transferred from BBT to packaging & operations are from cycle selection through SCADA
Hypro BBT_Burundi
Burundi BBT