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Industrial Brewery
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Industrial Brewery

Brewhouse is the key element of every brewery wherein interaction of all the components is very essential. Hypro manufactures state of art brewhouse equipments of larger capacity especially for them who wish to expand their brewery or start an industrial project. Large scale Brewers always look for opportunities to drive maximum efficiency and quality. You can now easily expand your brewery and increase your production capacity without impacting customer-pleasing flavours. Hypro is there to guide you through brewery planning, installation, commissioning and not to forget after sales services. Hypro offers Brewery Plants on Turnkey basis right from Malt Reception to Bright Beer & CORecovery Plant. With its Multi Evaporation Split Refrigeration System, the Brewery is already oriented towards energy saving



Industrial Brewery Equipment List

Product Description

Hypro offers technologically advanced industrial brewhouse equipments, fully customizable as per the specific requirements of the customers. Through more sophisticated technology, we help you improve lautering, increase the yield, thus reduce production time and cost.
Our process automation having easy to use interface, allows flexible operations and better insight into the process. The Brew iT software developed by Hypro for Breweries is a platform for the Brewers to view and control their Brewing Process & Operations. Industrial Brew House offered from Hypro comes with an option of Semi Auto/Fully Automatic Plant.

Scalable and cost-effective Industrial brewhouse by Hypro are brewer-friendly and achieves consistency in brew batch after batch. Brew House Equipment process design to meet the requirement of DIN 8777. Hypro integrates Boiler, Water Treatment, Compressed Air, Effluent Treatment & Electricals with the Process Plant.
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  • Kettle designed for heating rates from 1.2 to 1.5 Deg C/minute
  • Heating and rest in accordance to mashing with time – temperature profile
  • Total mash volume agitation in a dynamic manner enough to move the entire mass But gentle enough to protect the husk and avoid shear force damage during agitation
  • Kettle with automated water mixing station for achieving the desired water temperature during mashing in
  • System designed for low mash velocity during transfer and using LR bends in piping
  • Effective Condensate removal system with Auto pumping trap system to factor in condensate removal under varying steam pressure conditions
  • Machine polished shell cladding and top cones for super aesthetics
  • Option of leg supported / slab supported design free standing with agitator
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  • Designed for production upto 9 brews/day
  • Lauter tun with false bottom selected to provide maximum free passage for wort during lautering process
  • System for cleaning / flushing of false bottom by special nozzles.
  • Smooth wort flow, friendly wort collection nozzle with a density of minimum 1.2 collection points per m2
  • Wort collection nozzles connected with ring and vessel system for equal wort flow from all points
  • Robust design of Rake arms with knives density of minimum 1.8 per m2
  • Rakes vertical movement by option of Hydraulic system/Mechanical system
  • Spent Grain Discharge time under 12 minutes with residual grains below 400 g/m2.
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  • Wort kettle with Internal/External Thermosyphon Wort Boiling assisted with circulation pump. Low pressure wort boiling offered as well.
  • Spreader hat for distribution of wort from the boiler and efficient release of vapors from the liquid.
  • Designed for evaporation rate of upto 8 %/hour. Total evaporation from 5 to 7 % by volume.
  • Sized and designed with whirling velocity adequate for trub separation.
  • Laminar wort removal without disturbing the settled trub.
  • Auto trub removal post wort removal
  • DMS stripping system offered as option.


Brewhouse is the engine of the brewery which includes Mash Kettle, Lauter Tun, Wort Kettle and whirlpool. There component in sync, converts milled grain into Wort which subsequently fermented in the conical bottom unitanks and further stored in the Bright Beer Tanks. Hypro’s Industrial Brewhouse is fabricated for highest efficiency, maximum yields and most importantly bright wort production.

Hypro brewhouse operates through Decoction Mashing, a traditional technique used for continental beer styles. It is multi-step mashing where at least one third of grist is removed and boiled to conversion temperature in the separate pot and returned back to the Mash Tun to raise the temperature of the mash. Decoction Mashing is the easy way to achieve crisp dry maltiness characteristics of German Lagers.
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  • Capacity 100 HL and above
  • Kettle design and manufacture in accordance with hygienic requirements and to facilitate ease of cleaning during CIP
  • Absolutely flat true bottom which facilitates ease of liquid removal and no hold up or residues
  • Sweeping blade operation mechanical type simple and trouble free
  • Wort Boiler designed for upto 42 boiling cycles between CIP
  • Wort boiling done using steam rather than electricity
  • Heating jackets in a proven design for long life leakage free
  • Energy recovery from vapors generated during boiling
  • Process operations are simplified with a touch of command
  • Reduce operator dependability
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Industrial Brewery
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Industrial Brewery

Often Combined with

Hypro is the complete brewery solution provider who offers large industrial brewhouse along with Unitanks for fermentation, MEE CO2 Recovery System for recycling of large amount of CO2, and DAW Plant for the reduction of Oxygen in the Feed Water. Now no need to depending on conventional systems as Hypro offers reliable and turnkey solution for all your Brewery needs.

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    Industrial Brewery

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Product FAQs

Our brewery is cost-effective, operator friendly, maximize the yields and produce consistant brew batch after batch. Hypro Industrial brewhouse equipments aid in the preparation of the finest and superior quality brew.

It depends on how you manage your batches but we can assure upto 6000 barrels per month using production cycle suggested by Hypro.

Hypro integrates Boiler, Water Treatment, Compressed Air, Effluent Treatment & Electricals with the Process Plant.

Hence, our vessels are designed with versatility, allowing all the brewery functions to be combined in fewer vessels for the economy, or separated into several vessels for increased capacity.

Product Brochure
Product Brochure
Product Gallery
Product Gallery
Project Completion
Project Completion
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