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Don’t you agree that your beer deserves the best tanks and need to be treated with the utmost care? The prerequisite isn’t just a good brewhouse. Rather the preparation of a good beer needs ideal conditions when fermenting and for storage. Manufactured in-house, at company-owned production facilities, all our Brewery Equipments are fabricated in accordance with international standards. Our Brewery Storage Tanks assure consistently high brewing quality.

Hypro is Brewery Equipment Manufacturers who recognize the specific needs of the microbrewery segment in the brewing industry. We are a Brewery Equipment Suppliers that bring to you the technology and equipments that offer start to end solution to clients. Our services include manufacturing a wide range of brewing equipments like Pub Brewery Equipment, Beer Storage Tank, Brewery CIP, Brewery Plant, Brewing Vessel, CIP System Brewery and Recovery Plant that guarantees the client high efficiency and consistent quality in the beer produced.


Hypro offers Brewery Plants on Turnkey basis right from Malt Reception to Bright Beer & CO2 Recovery Plant. With its Multi Evap Split Refrigeration system, the Brewery is already oriented towards energy saving. Hypro integrates Boiler, Water Treatment, Compressed Air, Effluent Treatment & Electricals with the Process Plant. With strong references and rich experience of having worked with Global Beer brands, Hypro offers plants and systems which can satisfy the needs of International Brewers. Innovative products like Smart Wort Cooling systems add value to Hypro plants and benefit the end customer to save power.

Industrial Brewery

Each step of the brewing process has many options. Hence, our vessels are designed with versatility, allowing all the brewery functions to be combined in fewer vessels for the economy, or separated into several vessels for increased capacity. Our products aid in the preparation of the finest and superior quality brew. The pressurized tanks and storage tanks come with high-grade surface finishes and weld seams, backed by an efficient cooling concept so that the beer ferments and matures in peace.

Hypro Beer Storage Tank and Hypro Fermentation Tanks provide exactly those assured conditions. They are tailored to the diversity of types and the specific system of fermentation parameter control operated by your brewery.

Brew House Equipment process design to meet the requirement of DIN 8777. Brew House offered from Hypro comes with an option of Semi Auto Or Fully Automatic plant. The Brew IT software developed by Hypro for Breweries is a platform for the Brewers to view and control their Brewing Process & Operations. Hypro offers Brew Houses to produce up to nine Brews/day with Mash Kettle, Lauter Tun, Wort Kettle with thermosyphon wort boiling.

Unitank cellar is offered by Hypro with rigid piping with complete automation of the process. Unitanks built in Hypro factory is designed to international codes and high-quality internal surface finish. The tank safety & cleaning devices are procured from the best suppliers in Europe. Hypro offers factory insulated tanks up to 2500 HL, tanks above 3000 HL are site assembled, fabricated and insulated.

Tanks of lower capacities can also be site fabricated if the site conditions demand so. Hypro has the capability to build Unitanks up to the capacity of 5000 HL on site. Having built 150 Unitanks since the last decade HYPRO name adds reliability to the system. Hypro provides up to 5 years of manufacturer guarantee on the Unitanks which speaks volume about our confidence in our Quality and also assures peace of mind to customers. Bright beer Tanks are designed as a standard for pumped beer transfer.

Hypro complete Yeast Propagation, Storage & Pitching systems are designed with hygienic aspects as a focus and offer the Brewer a plant and its ancillaries which can be effectively CIP and keep contaminations at bay. The Yeast storage systems are equipped with agitation at low speeds to avoid shear damage to the yeast cells. Gravimetric pitching is provided as a standard.

Hypro Offers KG filter systems from European manufacturers. The plant is integrated by Hypro with the tanks along with beer carbonation systems. For HGB Hypro offers a solution for De-Aerated Water production, blending and carbonation from its associate “BECA” Germany.

CIP stations offered by Hypro include Hot & Cold CIP loops. The loops are designed and catered to process are based on application. HOT CIP Systems is offered for process equipment and piping handling Grains and separately for a system which does not handle Grains. Similarly, in the Cold Cellar separate CIP is provided for equipment and systems with yeast and systems without Yeast. CIP stations are provided with an option of Automatic and semi-automatic plants which offer the operator” ease of operation” and peace of mind.

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